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The Richest Gamblers In The World

The richest gamblers in the world

Follow this article to find the richest gambler in the world in Joker 96.

Bill Benter

Bill is one of the icons in gambling in the 21st century having the highest revenue of around a hundred million dollars per year, which is a lot. He used his card techniques and used it to work at the game tables at Las Vegas. He does not involve himself only in gambling but also is an active participant in idn kasino the horse races that take place in and around the United States. He was also responsible for the creation of certain software helping gamblers to make their lives easier.

Edward E Thorp

On par with Bill, Thorp is responsible for some of the historical horse race gambling an ever. A former math lecturer turned into a gambler, how crazy is that. He had a theory for the gambling formula, which really worked pretty well for him until he got banned from casinos. So he started with horse racing, this turned out to be profitable too. He made lots of money and started software also.

Zeljko Ranogajec

He is one of the most mysterious gamblers ever to have lived. This gambler is easily the richest in this list, as he has had over a couple of billion dollars in profit only. How scary is that? Not millions but billions. He has had everything come at him even government tax agents. He has had many conflicts. He is a black Jack expert who turned his hundreds into a couple of millions. We can say that’s where he found his inspiration from. He wins a whopping 8 million dollar in a single game of keno.

Billy Walters

He is a well-known speaker for YouTube and some more of the interviews pertaining to property and development of money in the crucial stages. He is real with its watch. He has raised under the influence of gambling hence the profound proficiency. He is known for his crazy sports bets. He has made a milestone in sports bets which no one can beat as such. He is truly one of a kind when he starts to play the horse game. He later went to the gambling capital of the world Las Vegas.


Patrick Antonius

Not the most gazillion maker, like some of the people in this group, but definitely had a really rich history of how a gambler is to be made. He is a European based tennis player, who due to some circumstances, had to withdraw, and definitely got the taste of gambling. He had very less money in the beginning, due to either beginner’s luck or say talent; he made a huge pile of cash overnight. This is even he found what he was made for. He became a millionaire in a really short span of time. He has participated in many online tournaments for poker and made the history that no one could ever touch in live poker sessions baking a couple of million dollars in profit, which in online poker is a lot.

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